Friday, May 23, 2014

Bubblews Problems and Frustrations!

I am still writing on Bubblews.  It doesn't really make me much money, compared to other places, but generally I find it fun.  Every now and then, I get a payment for $50, and even when I don't write, I earn about 20 or 30 cents/day from people looking at my previous work. 

I've made about $300 so far.  You could probably make $50 to $100/week if you dedicated lots of time to the site (rather than just writing 3 or 4 "bubbles" per week, like I do!).

As well as fun, it can also be a very frustrating website too, however.  There is always some sort of problem happening.  I have listed some of the most recent frustrations I have experienced below.

  • Not getting paid.  This has only happened to be once, and not recently, but it was still annoying.  Unfortunately, the site has got itself a bad name for this.  I have to say that I have been paid successfully on 7 occasions, but I am never fully sure when I click the redeem button whether I will receive my money
  • The minimum redemption figure increasing from $25 to $50.  I think this was introduced by Bubblews so that they could process payments more easily, but it made the work needed to achieve the payout threshold take twice as long for users.
  • The payment process is taking much longer than it used to.  Early on, Bubblews said that they would reply within 4 days, if I remember rightly, and then you would receive a Paypal check which would clear in 3 or 4 days.  That meant that from redeeming to actually having the money took about a week.  That same process now takes about twice as long.  One issue is likely that Bubblews don't have many staff, I suspect.  I guess I am happy if just to get paid, and not too concerned with the time factor.  But it is no longer true that Bubblews is a quick way of making money.  Not as quick as Amazon MTurk, anyway.
  • Bubblews can be very glitchy.  A recent example is the comments on people's profile pages, where instead of the relevant comments, there has just been blank spaces for some time.  All websites have glitches from time to time, of course, but Bubblews seems to have more than average and they go on for a long time.
  • The site is also extremely slow at times - so slow that it quite often fails to load altogether and you just get error messages.  Again, when I first started at Bubblews, I thought the problem might just be a temporary one, but there seems to be no improvement over time.  There have been times where I have just had to walk away from my computer, it was so frustrating.  It doesn't exactly fill me with confidence or enthusiasm when I go to Bubblews and the site fails to load repeatedly.  I expect it puts off many writers and readers.
  • The standard of some of the writing on the site is very low.  I don't mean the subject matter so much, although that can be pretty poor too, but rather the low levels of basic English skills, things like grammar and spelling.  There also seems to be quite a bit of blatantly spammy content, spun articles etc.  (spinning is when software is used to reword a copied article, usually churning out only semi-literate results)  If the low quality material cannot be filtered out some way, then the future of site is undermined, because they need readers as well as writers if they want to succeed.

This post probably sounds like one big moan about Bubblews and maybe it is - but most, if not all the frustrations I've highlighted I believe to be legitimate concerns.  I do enjoy writing and earning money at Bubblews, but I do think that the experience could be improved.

If you are not a member of Bubblews already and would like to join and earn from the site, may I suggest that consider going to the site via my referral link below (it won't affect you in any way, but it will earn me a few extra cents)?


  1. I share your frustrations. Bubblews is such a mess! This morning I am getting database errors. I honestly think the site owners don't have a clue as to what they are doing or they would have upgraded their servers and hired a real coder a while ago. They keep saying wait and see, we will amaze you in July. They said this last year and all we got was some graphics changed. I used to be Bubblews' biggest fan and try to get my friends to sign up, but it's just embarrassing at this point. Someone with some coding and marketing talent needs to copy their idea.

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