Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review of Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a website-based rewards program where you earn money for doing simple tasks, like internet searches, completing paid surveys, looking at paid to read emails, playing games, shopping online and watching online videos.  It has some similarities with Swagbucks, but instead of earning virtual money which you then exchange for gifts or PayPal money, you effectively earn real money from the start.

There is an Inbox Dollars toolbar that you can download.  I would recommend getting it if you are planning to have a serious go at Inbox Dollars.  You are paid Inbox Dollars to download it and it helps you keep track of earning opportunities and your accumulated dollars.  Plus even if you uninstall it at a later date, you still get to keep the dollar that they paid you.

Pros of Inbox Dollars

You get $5 just for signing up to Inbox Dollars, which is nice!

If you are dedicated, you can reach the $30 payout very quickly.  The quickest way is to download the Inbox Dollars toolbar, which earns you a dollar and makes it easier to keep tabs on earning opportunities, as well as pays you for searching the web, then do every survey that comes your way.

None of the tasks are too challenging, at worst they just eat up a bit of your time.  The paid to read emails on Inbox Dollars, for instance, are an easy 50 cents if you let them accumulate for a week then read them all in 5 minutes.

It’s actually quite easy to accumulate money on Inbox Dollars by doing very little over a long period, in my experience.

Cons of Inbox Dollars

You have to reach a $30 threshold before you receive a payout and then it has to be in the form of a check which is posted to your home.

I would create a separate email account for Inbox Dollars, rather than use your personal account, as they do send you a lot of emails, many of them ways to earn money and therefore welcome, but they still fill up your inbox.

Summary and Sign Up Link

Inbox Dollars is a stress free way to make money, in my experience.  It’s not going to make you into a millionaire, but the regular checks for $30 to $50 are always welcome in my home.  You can join HERE if you’re interested.


  1. I got 5 bucks for signing up, $1 for the toolbar, and some nickels, dimes, and quarters for a couple of days, then afterward it came to a grinding halt at 2 cents per read email (couple of these a day). Each of the 3 3rd party survey companies would not get me beyond a qualification after a survey or 2 (Couldn't qualify for a single survey on the other). Everything that paid in quarters to dollars were things requiring subscription (ex: get $10 for signing up with Netflix). The end came for me when after a week as an Inbox subscriber (with a whopping $8.58 in my account) when I get bombarded with offers in a single "Paid Email" from Inbox. I could have just clicked the "Confirm" button for my 2 cent earnings as well on this one too, but these offers were paying 50 cents here, and a quarter there, and only asked for your info to get information to you (coupons, colleges, insurance). Within an hour I had 40+ emails and spent the rest of the afternoon opting out (when possible!)and kept fighting off the emails for 2 days. Got bombarded with phone calls the next day. What did I expect???...but they don't just send ONE email or call just ONCE, and send illegal emails that you cannot opt out from...AND...they share your information, even to dating/sex sites. Fortunately I got a throw-away email for this experiment. Closed my Inbox Dollars account(forfeited my $8.58), threw that disposable email away, diverted my unknown phone numbers to a unique ring tone so I can do ALL of the talking when I answer. After 2 days the phone is almost back to normal. I'm afraid to think about what my postal mailbox will look like in a week. Don't know why ANYONE would ever want to do something like this knowing what I just described.

    1. don;t know about imbox dollars because i never signed up, but i feel your pain. I was dooped many times with these "fill out survey" crap. They expect you to sign up with them everytime in order to recieve any money, but then you lose money by enrolling. scam scam scam i tell ya! Johnny

    2. I don't think they are a scam. Be aware that they can be spammy, however, so don't give them your main email address etc. You can make a bit of extra money with them, but you won't get rich from Inbox Dollars.

  2. Wow! The emails from Inbox can be a bit irritating for sure, but I have never experienced anything that bad. I would never use my personal email account for any of these sites, or for most tasks that I do online. As I say in some of my posts, it is always good practice to set up a seperate account that you use specifically for Inbox dollars, Swagbucks, Microworkers, online deals etc. If you do have a problem with emails, set your email account to put them all in a seperate folder.

    I earn about $20/month with Inbox, it's not a great deal, but it earns me a $40 check every 2nd month. My wife earns about the same amount and does a lot of the surveys.

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