Monday, April 25, 2011

Swagbucks tips and tricks

Message from Paul: This post is a guest blog by my wife, who is a big fan of Swagbucks.  When she is not blogging about Swagbucks, she can be found over at her Green/frugal living blog: Born a-green.  So anyway, without further ado, here are her Swagbucks tips and tricks.


Swagbucks is a rewards program that gives you virtual currency for doing everyday tasks, like checking in on the website, installing their toolbar, doing web searches, taking surveys, filling out profiles, watching videos and shopping online.   Swagbucks are credited to your online account.  When you have a certain level of Swagbucks in your account you can redeem them in the online store.  Two of my favorite ways to redeem my bucks are to purchase either the $5 Amazon gift card (for 450 Swagbucks) or the $5 PayPal cash to my account (for 700 Swagbucks).

Some tips for collecting Swagbucks: 

They do a daily Groupon deal that often awards you Swagbucks.  I love to do a Groupon, so this is a match made in heaven for me.  I did the Barnes & Nobles Groupon a week or so ago and got a $20 card for $10, but since I went through Swagbucks I got 315 Swagbucks in my account on top of it.  That’s most of the way to a $5 Amazon gift card, and all I did was buy something I was going to purchase anyhow!

Don’t buy something purely to get Swagbucks, only buy it if you want it and get the Swagbucks as a bonus.  Remember, Swagbucks are virtual currency.  It’s not a rebate in the cash money sense.  

The Swagbucks Logo

Use the Swagbucks tool bar.  You can get 1 Swagbuck just for logging into the toolbar each day.  You can get another 1 Swagbuck for checking out the surveys page, or the offers page, or voting in the Daily Poll.  You can get anywhere from 0-50 Swagbucks for a web search, depending on the Search Results.  As you can see, it makes sense to install the toolbar.

Add Swagbucks on Facebook, Twitter and also use their widget on your blog.  You’ll get more opportunities for Swagbucks that way, including bonus codes for ‘Swag Hunts’.


I definitely would recommend you try Swagbucks.   This month so far I have $35 in Amazon gift cards uploading to my Amazon account, as a result of all my Swagbucking.   The money sure comes in handy when I want to get someone a gift, or even if I just want a treat for myself!


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