Friday, January 24, 2014

How Much Money Can You Make With Bubblews?


I’ve been playing around with Bubblews the past couple of months, using the name: BigBrains.  It is quite possibly the best way to earn some extra spending money at the moment, if you just want a quick earner and don’t mind putting in some time. 

Bubblews user, Southern Teacher (aka Holle Abee), who’s word I trust (she’s a fellow online earner who has had a strong presence on HubPages for a number of years), claims to have earned $1,738.86 on Bubblews since September 10, 2013.

I do believe that’s absolutely possible, although I myself earned less than 10% of that over a similar period.  Plus I also suspect that you have to put a lot of time in to achieve that level of earnings (more time than I have!).  The earnings probably don’t sound quite so impressive if you work out the hourly rate.

Anyway, here are my personal experiences, good and bad, when I tried earning with Bubblews.

What is Bubblews?

Basically Bubblews is a website where you get paid for writing short “bubbles” (essentially written pieces) and socially interacting with other “bubblers”, “liking” and commenting on their work, as you would do in something like Facebook.

The articles you write are meant to be clippets of news, or short factual pieces, but in practice people write just about anything, including personal blog posts, poetry, and opinion pieces.  The great thing is that your articles only have to be a minimum of only 400 characters long (yes, you read right, that’s 400 characters, not words!) which is pretty short.


You can earn around a dollar for an article, in my experience, provided you’re prepared to put in some time liking, following and commenting on other people’s stuff.
You are limited to posting 10 bubbles within any 24 hour period, however, making it difficult to earn much more than $10-$15/day in my experience.

Writing and posting the 10 Bubbles doesn’t take too much time, but if you add to that all the liking, commenting, etc. that you also need to do, it can get pretty time consuming and I assume that the high earners put in quite a bit of time.

There is a “passive earning” element to Bubblews, but it is nothing significant.  I found that on days when I didn’t post, I still earned, but it was only in the region of 15-30 cents/day.
I assume that the passive element will get bigger, the more followers that you have, but I doubt that it will ever bring in large earnings.

The ideal, of course, would be to have a Bubble go viral on Twitter or one of the other social media sites.



Bubblews has a range of payment options.  I opted for payments via my PayPal account, but you can be paid by other methods, including by check.


Pros and Cons of Bubblews



  • Very easy to use.  Writing 400 characters is quick and doesn’t take too much effort.
  • Very few restrictions on topics that you can write about.
  • Socially interactive and fun.
  • Payments are relatively generous for this type of program.


  • Some users complain of not being paid, usually with no explanation given.  I don’t know how often this happens, but it has happened to me once.
  • Threshold for payment was raised from $25 to $50, which means it takes longer before you’re entitled to request a payment.
  • It can take at least a week to get your money after you click the redemption button, as you typically have to wait a few days for approval, followed by a few more days to access your money in PayPal.
  • Some of the writing quality on there is very poor quality – obvious spelling and grammar errors, as well as bland or thin content – which makes you wonder if the site will survive in the long run without more stringent quality control.


My Earnings Stats

In a 4 month period, I worked on Bubblews most days.  Sometimes I just wrote one or two bubbles, but there were days where I worked more intensively, and some where I wrote the maximum 10 bubbles.  I wrote just over 200 bubbles in total.

Over that period, I had 3 payouts of $25, 1 payment of $50, and 1 of my requests for payment rejected (no explanation given).  

I also gained just over 700 connections during this period, and my bubbles received just under 16,000 views, and over 500 comments.



The payments/earnings are generally reasonably generous for this type of site.  That said, when you factor in all the time spent, the hourly rate isn’t that great.

You won’t make a living from Bubblews, certainly if you live somewhere with a high cost of living like the USA, but it’s a great site if you just want to earn some extra spending money and have some fun!


Joining Bubblews

If you wish to sign up to Bubblews, I would appreciate it if you would consider doing so via the link below.  

Sign up to Bubblews

It’s an affiliate link, that means I get a small commission for everyone who uses it to sign up – there is no detriment to people who use it, financial or otherwise, just a small gain for me, I appreciate your support! 


  1. This is an excellent post! You followed me on Twitter and I followed you back. I came over to check out your blog. Drop by my blog when you have opportunity. Would appreciate an honest critique. Your blog looks great! I can see why you make money from it.

  2. I will certainly click your affiliate link :D Good blog post. Why aren't you earning more? Baffling. x

    1. If you spent many hours on Bubblews each day, you might earn a few hundred/month, I reckon. But then, there are other ways of earning which are more lucrative, though maybe less fun... :)

  3. Really nice site just write some post per day & earn good profit i really like it

  4. It appears that Bubblews might have shutdown (well that is according to the official website) but for the time it was operating it was quite a good website. I never reached the payout threshold though so cannot confirm whether they actually would pay or not.

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