Monday, August 8, 2011

Review of Redgage: a website that pays you to bookmark links and upload photos, videos, and documents

In my latest look at methods of making money online, I have been playing around with the website, RedGage, which advertises itself as a website that pays you for online social activity.  In some senses, it has similarities with myLot, although so far I am finding it more enjoyable and there would appear to be greater opportunity to make money online.

I have posted a full review of Redgage and my first impressions and experiences over at HubPages in my article: Can I earn money online with Redgage?  But basically, Redgage is a website that pays you to bookmark links and upload photos, videos, and documents.  In return, you are awarded payments according to how many viewers you get.  Views can come from other RedGage users, who you can befriend like you would in sites like MySpace or Facebook; or views can come from outside the site, from bookmarking sites like, Delicious, Digg, Reddit or from people searching online with Google.

The RedGage viewers tend to die away after 48 hours or so, but I am hoping that I will get Google searchers over time, who will gradually build up viewing figures.  Typically, I only make a few cents for each photo uploaded, so it is hardly a lucrative venture in the short term.  Although there are lots people on RedGage who make hardly anything, there is a minority who’s online earnings are more substantial.

I am in the fortunate position of having lots of articles that I have written that I can link to, plus many photos that I can upload.  However, if you don’t have lots of your own articles, you can always post links to other sites, like you would do in social networking sites like Reddit and Digg and you will still make money from people using your link as they pass through RedGage. 

Like with most of these sites, I don’t think that RedGage is going to make me a millionaire (I have made $6 over 4 weeks so far, and the minimum payout rate is $25), but I am finding it fun to participate in and still hoping that my online earnings rate will gradually increase over time.  The RedGage website is a little glitchy, but I like my experience there so far and see more potential for making money online there than I do with myLot, which has been a little disappointing for me, so far.

UPDATE (February 2014)

I no longer recommend RedGage and MyLot as effective earning sites, as they have both changed for the worse since this article was written.


  1. I've been on RedGage for 18 months and I still haven't made payout yet. I think WebAnswers and Best-Reviewer are better as you can add their earnings to your Google Adsense money.

  2. 100% agree with you, Paul, I also like my RedGage experience for now :)

  3. @Tina - I use Best-Reviewer, but haven't found it a great earner so far. I should have a look at WebAnswers, thanks for mentioning it.

    @Cornelia - Thanks for your comment. RedGage is better than myLot, in my opinion, I found myLot a bit of a disappointment.

  4. Redgage was a great site at one time, but ever since the beginning of 2011, many members have learned the hard way that the times are a changing. To date, some members have two months worth of missing funds on their accounts, others like myself have three, and still others have four months of missing earnings in their accounts. For nearly a year now, redgage has been telling these members they are going to get paid, the money is coming soon, they just can't give a set date. Clearly, with so many members now reporting missing funds, the site no longer has the money to pay everyone. Read about it here;

  5. Thanks for your comment, RedGage scam. I will reserve judgement as I haven't been at RedGage long. But people can follow your link if they want more info.

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